Life at Sea: Part 2




Jeffrey Botchway

Maritime Lawyer


This article explores the ….

Where is the Shipping Market going to?

A question we never got to answer.

The Lecturers loved the 2013 batch of Ports and Shipping students because they participated massively in all courses.

Learning was like a competition, Nick always wanted to top the class, but Solomon and Kwame would have none of that. The enthusiasm shown by these trio kept all lecturers on their toes. You dare not raise a topic you have no knowledge about, this made teaching and learning fun because some lecturers would cunningly throw the questions back to other classmates they knew would not be able to answer just so they could take themselves out of the hot seat.

Fortunately for us, the schedules for some courses were given far before the lectures took place enabling us read ahead of the class and face our lecturers squarely. The only place some lecturers had a power was when they marked exams scripts.

We were regarded by most classes and year groups as “THE INVINCIBLES” because we always seemed to have our way even in sports.

But as our fore fathers rightly said “Everything with a beginning must surely have an end”. We had managed to maneuver our way by answering any question thrown to us in any plausible way till we got to final year. Our Lecturer, Professor Fiademor was now in charge of Ship Business and his skill and expertise in that field of study was highly remarkable. He taught the subject in a manner that made all understand and also answered our questions with so much detail that you will be satisfied and not find the answers daunting in any way.

We tried all we could to put him in a tight corner but it never materialized. Yes, call us enemies of progress, but we truly didn’t want the man progressing smoothly like that. His lecturing game was very smooth which we found annoying because we didn’t understand how a lecturer could elude all our questions with ease, not when we had remained flawless during the entire period in school.

But we had tested his patience for so long, he threw a question when we least expected. I know we are students, but we were really not prepared for this one. An assignment to be graded as part of our programme assessment “Based on your knowledge, understanding, opinion and known facts, write an essay with not less than 1500 word to indicate where the Shipping Market is going?” I mean how?

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